Mia Guarnieri

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Mia Guarnieri is a wildlife biologist with 5 years of field biology experience, and a BS in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology from UC Davis. Prior to joining Olberding Environmental, Inc., Mia worked as a field researcher under Dr. Fraser Shilling at the UC Davis Road Ecology Center and volunteered for five years at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

Mia is proficient in the use of camera traps and has extensive experience in visual and auditory identification of common California species as well as direct handling of native California mammal, avian, and reptile species. She is proficient in the use of behavioral analysis software BORIS, has excellent data organization skills, and has experience performing small mammal live trapping. In addition to her prior fieldwork, her work at Olberding Environmental, Inc. has given her experience in biological monitoring and reporting for compliance with federal and state agencies regarding Endangered Species Act (ESA) & California Endangered Species Act (CESA) listed species.

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