Christopher Bronny


Christopher Bronny has provided technical analysis for a variety of projects throughout California. His primary expertise lies in the fields of botany, field biology, and wetland ecology, conducting impacts assessments and performing botanical and wildlife surveys and preliminary jurisdictional determinations (incorporating Arid West and A Field Guide to the Identification of the Ordinary High Water Mark in the Arid West protocols). He has extensive field experience working with the California ecodiversity of the San Francisco Bay region, Sierra Nevada foothills, Great Central Valley, SJ Delta, Central Coast, Inner/Outer Coast Ranges, Mojave Desert, and Southwestern California.

Additionally, Mr. Bronny has acquired expertise in many areas of natural resource management, including permitting, resource agency coordination, environmental impact assessment, restoration design, Section 7 Endangered Species Act coordination, NEPA/CEQA compliance/documentation, and mitigation and monitoring plan design and construction. Field data collections incorporate GPS technology at project sites for wetland delineations and biological resource assessments.

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